Our Story

lakestar farms...beginnings

This is a place that endures, even as it evolves. Our history and traditions are deeply embedded in the land and the iconic barns that symbolize both our family and our community heritage. 

  • Designated a Centennial Farm by the Michigan Historical Society, LakeStar Farms has been in the Dontz family for over 110 years.
  • Founders Martin and Lillian Dontz purchased the farm in 1911.
  • Their dairy operation began with 80 acres and 11 Guernsey cows—then grew to 320 acres, creating what was considered one of the finest dairy operations in northwest Michigan.
  • Built in the summer of 1941, the Dontz & Son Dairy barn was a “unique and entirely different type of farm structure…the new iron clad diary stable has pleasing architectural lines…and stands as the last word in farm building construction” Manistee New Advocate December 19, 1941.
  • A milk route followed, along with cherry and other fruit orchards in the 1960s.

lakestar farms...today

  • Adam Dontz purchased the Lake Michigan farm from his uncle, Dan Dontz in 2014.
  • In 2016, Adam initiated a comprehensive and multi-year restoration process of the barn structures, converting the cathedral-style hay barn to a premier event venue.
  • Continuing renovations in 2018, Adam transformed half of the Dontz & Son Dairy Barn to a single family residence known as the “Dairy Cottage”, the remaining portion of the dairy barn was preserved to honor the Dontz family’s farming history.
  • 2020 marked the completion of renovations to the cathedral Barn and “Dairy Cottage."
  • We’ve proudly hosted many happy newlyweds and their guests—over 5,000 and counting! 

LakeStar Farms...Committed to the future

We work tirelessly to enhance every moment of our guests’ experience. When you tour LakeStar Farms, you will experience how we have artfully blended our county estate with farm chic décor and every modern convenience to guarantee your event is perfect!

You're part of the lakestar farms story

“Family is everything” and this farm has been telling the story of family and tradition for over a century. As you create your own multigenerational story, we would be honored if you choose LakeStar Farms as the backdrop! 

Celebrate our shared history–with a tree!

  • Every couple is given a tree that’s planted on the farm.
  • Choose a Christmas tree to be harvested later by you and your family, or a hardwood that remains on the property in perpetuity.